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About Maleko Personnel | Maleko Personnel

About Maleko Personnel

MALEKO Personnel, is a specialized staffing company providing comprehensive staffing solutions to the light industrial, manufacturing, construction, clerical and administrative employment market place.

Locally owned and operated, MALEKO has proudly put together a team of highly skilled and seasoned professionals who understand and embrace the pursuit of customer satisfaction and are ready to work for you!

This is the MALEKO difference. We are dedicated and committed to our core values in everything we do: day in and day out.

MALEKO's Core Values:

  • Experience  - When working with MALEKO you will feel secure with the knowledge that our staff has been in and around the employment service arena for over 50 years.
  • Integrity - MALEKO adheres to the highest levels of ethics so you can be confident that our decisions are in your best interest.
  • Trust - We stand by our word and rigorously follow through on all of our commitments.
  • Service - MALEKO takes pride in our ability to create and facilitate the employment process in a smooth transition for both the employee and employer.

Utilizing a staffing service that cannot meet your labor demands could adversely affect production as well as profit. Therefore aligning yourself with a team, who will respond quickly, not only eases production demands, but will lead to less stressful situations. Everyday Employers are faced with many challenges and finding productive employee′s doesn't have to be one of them. By having MALEKO Personnel take care of your employment needs, you can take care of your business. We have built a loyal customer base which we are happy to represent and continuously provide excellent service. While using our services, you too will find our staff to be exceptionally responsive, flexible, and attentive to your employment needs.

If you find yourself feeling that all staffing companies are the same, you owe it to yourself to call Maleko Personnel and experience our passion to be the best. You will not be disappointed. To find the branch nearest you click here, or email us at info@malekopersonnel.com