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Packaging and Processing Positions | Maleko Personnel

Packaging and Processing Positions

Job Location: 
Job Details: 

Starting Salary: $14 - $16 per hour DOE AND POSITION
Shift: Day, Swing
Resumes accepted until position is filled

Food and Non-Food Environments available

Job Description: 

Packing –

  • Scooping/placing product into containers or bags
  • Packaging, sealing and labeling product
  • Package outcome counting (simple math)
  • Weighing and measuring product

Machine Operator - Above duties plus:

  • Machine Setup and Takedown (parts weight approx 1lb to 20lbs.), and operating the machines

Processing –

  • Defrosting product; working in cold storage areas, transferring bulk product to defrosting room (carry up to 70lbs)
  • Washing, weighing, measuring, and cutting product
  • Scaling ingredients (simple math)
  • Cooking product by boiling, steaming, smoking, searing and grilling
  • Cutting/trimming product
  • Operating/cleaning mixing and/or spinning machines
  • Moving up to 800 lb. tanks and other equipment Boxing Department –
  • Boxing, sealing and palletizing product
  • Transferring boxes to cold storage area
  • Package outcome counting (simple math)

All Areas –

  • Cleaning with detergent and sanitizing with sanitizer of equipment and work area
  • Maintaining written logs according to HACCP plan
  • Maintaining acceptable attendance per company guidelines
  • Mandatory overtime as needed; Shift changes as needed

Safety Equipment:     Must follow safe and sanitary working guidelines: SSOPs and GMPs.

Personal Protective Equipment must be worn where required, i.e. uniform, face mask, gloves, boots, and hairnet.

Job Requirements: 
  • 3-6 months prior production line experience or handling heavy duty product or material preferred
  • Ability to work in a fast paced, physical environment which includes frequent: standing, kneeling, bending, grasping and twisting
  • Ability to lift/carry up to 70 lbs.
  • Must be comfortable working around moving equipment and heavy machinery
  • Must be comfortable with regular exposure to wetness, cold temperatures, ozone gas; strong odors
  • Good math skills; metric knowledge helpful; High level of accuracy required
  • Reliable and adaptable, responsible and proactive; enjoys producing a quality product
  • Good communication and comprehension skills necessary
  • Strong leadership potential with a desire and ability to progress to next level is desired
  • Read blue prints
  • Be a team player, with a positive, can-do attitude
  • Must be able to work first shift and possibly swing shift
  • Daily overtime and weekend work available
How to Apply: 

For immediate consideration, please email your resume to hayward@malekopersonnel.com and a staffing consultant will contact you. Due to overwhelming responses, we will only contact candidates with the best relevant experience relating to the description, responsibilities and requirements for this position.