Salt Lake City
Posted 4 weeks ago

Event Crew Team Members, Salt Lake City, UT

Part Time/ $17.50  Day or Night

Setup and Breakdown:

Assist with the setup and breakdown of event spaces, including arranging furniture, setting up equipment, and decorating as per the event plan.

Ensure that all elements are in place before the event begins and help dismantle and clean up afterward.

Attendee Assistance:

Greet guests as they arrive and provide assistance with registration, ticketing, and directing them to the appropriate areas.

Answer questions and provide information about the event schedule, activities, and facilities.

Offer support to guests with special needs, such as assisting wheelchair users or providing language interpretation services.

Safety and Security:

Monitor the event space for any safety hazards or security concerns, such as tripping hazards or suspicious activity.

Direct attendees in case of emergencies, such as evacuations or medical incidents, and provide assistance as needed.

Collaborate with security personnel or emergency responders to ensure a swift and effective response to any incidents.

Vendor Support:

Assist vendors with setting up their booths or stalls, ensuring that they have the necessary supplies and equipment.

Coordinate vendor logistics, such as managing deliveries and providing directions to their assigned locations.

Serve as a point of contact for vendors throughout the event, addressing any issues or concerns they may have.

Guest Services:

Coordinate transportation arrangements for guests, including arranging shuttle services or providing directions to parking areas.

Offer support to guests with accommodations, such as arranging hotel reservations or providing information about nearby amenities.

Cleanup and Post-Event Duties:

Assist with cleaning and tidying up the event space once attendees have left, including removing trash, folding chairs, and storing equipment.

Conduct post-event evaluations, gathering feedback from attendees and vendors to assess the success of the event.

Participate in debriefing sessions with event organizers to discuss any challenges or areas for improvement and provide input for future events.

By fulfilling these personal duties, event staff contribute to the overall success of events by ensuring a positive experience for attendees, maintaining a safe and organized environment, and supporting the smooth execution of event logistics.

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